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Gradually get used to your new diet while traveling. If the water is not drinkable anywhere in the country, drink only bottled water open in front of you or purified with pellets provided for this purpose. Do not eat unpeeled vegetables and fruits (which may have been washed with unpurified water), avoid ice and avoid dairy products. Choose rice and well-cooked foods. Be it the Dangerous Tourist Destinations or the best ones, you will need to know these and the followings.


To change interest-free currencies before leaving, consider going to the very touristy places in your area, where foreign tourists come to change their currencies. To do the opposite operation (sell dollars instead of buying them), foreign exchange shops generally offer interesting conditions.

Ask for small bills to have currency on the spot (the sellers never have the money, you know it well), and refuse the too used tickets which could be refused on the spot (in some countries, a hole pin is sufficient to consider the used ticket).

The travelers are a security, since they are refunded to you in case of loss or theft. However, they are often subject to higher purchase fees and are not accepted everywhere.

To carry your money, you can use a belt with closed pockets. Not necessarily elegant, but effective.

Lastly, never leave your money ostensibly. Keep your big bills aside from your little change, and never forget that one of your bills is sometimes a lot for the local population.


To travel comfortably, especially on a long journey, arrive well in advance (we advise to arrive 3:00 before the flight takes off). Of course you can wait but you will especially less stress in case of last minute worries and then it leaves more time for shopping.

In flight, it is usually quite cold, and during certain periods of waiting on the ground, it can be very hot especially as fatigue will make you more vulnerable to temperature differences. So plan on “stackable” and comfortable clothing and a scarf always a very popular travel companion.

Feet and feet swell by plane:do not wear shoes too tight, otherwise you cannot put them back if you remove them to make you comfortable.


First of all remember to identify your luggage to the move, the address of your hotel on arrival or contact our partner team to and return with your address. Thus searches in case of late luggage will be facilitated for the teams of the airport.

In the plane, carry what is important in hand luggage: passport, camera, tablet, pc but also some underwear, a spare T-shirt and a toothbrush with toothpaste. If your luggage was delayed on arrival, it will allow you to start your stay without being too disarmed.

Jet lag

Towards the West (from Europe to the Americas), you will be tired at the end of the afternoon and in good shape very early in the morning. The first day, you should arrive in the afternoon, which will make you live a day longer than usual.

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