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postheadericon Understand the Right Choice for the Proper Blinds Now

So there were blinds (from the French jalousie – jealousy) – a kind of curtains, consisting of horizontal or vertical slats (slats).Simple installation, practicality, a wide choice of colors, a wide range of prices and compatibility with various style solutions provided the blinds popularity. But to make the blinds fit well into the interior of the room, it is worth remembering some nuances that will help make the right choice. Consider them in order.

Dimensions and geometry of the window

Starting the choice of blinds, it is necessary to measure the height and width of the window, as well as to determine the method of their attachment. The eaves, to which the blinds will later be attached, can be installed on the ceiling, above the window, in the window opening, in addition, there are blinds that are installed directly on the frame, tightly fitting to it.The good motorised blinds are available there.

  • Catching on the selection of blinds yourself, remember that the slats should not run along the floor or window sill (if they are mounted in the window opening): subtract 2 cm from the measured height. If the blinds are supposed to hang over the window, their width should be greater than the width of the window opening by 10-15 centimeters then they will look more carefully.

Be sure to think about which way the blinds will slide in so that it is comfortable for you and does not interfere with the opening of the window. Horizontal blinds rise up, set in motion by a cord attached to the drum; vertical blinds can be opened in several ways – from left to right or from right to left. In addition, the eaves can be divided to control each part of the blinds separately.

The Proper Jaundice Options for You

The jaundice of the neonatal period, due to the accumulation in the blood of an excess amount of bilirubin, is common and sometimes requires urgent medical measures. Indirect bilirubin is a neurotoxic poison and under certain conditions (prematurity, hypoxia, hypoglycemia, prolonged exposure, etc.) causes a specific lesion of the subcortical nuclei and the cerebral cortex – the so-called bilirubin encephalopathy. According to various data, in the first week of life, jaundice occurs in 25–50% of full-term and in 70–90% of premature newborns.

Bilirubin is the final product of heme catabolism and is formed mainly due to the breakdown of hemoglobin (about 75%) with the participation of hemoxygenase, biliverdinreductase, and non-enzymatic reducing substances in the cells of the reticuloendothelial system (RES). Other sources of bilirubin are myoglobin and heme-containing liver enzymes (about 25%).The good at home jaundice treatment is perfect now.